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Writer event

Quay Words presents Fiona Williams in conversation with Davina Quinlivan

The House of Broken Bricks

We’re thrilled to welcome Fiona to the Custom House to celebrate the launch of her debut novel The House of Broken Bricks. Fiona will read from her novel, followed by a Q&A chaired by memoirist and past writer-in-residence Davina Quinlivan. Lyrical and powerful –  a tender debut about family, loss and life in the countryside….

Wednesday 7 February 1830 - 1930
Writer event

Quay Words presents ‘to decorate this silence’

Midwinter Poetry and Harp With Caleb Parkin and Scarlett Smith

Not a run-up to midwinter, but a slow-down. Poet Caleb Parkin and Electroacoustic harpist Scarlett Smith present an interactive event focused on rest, recovery and stillness. We’ll keep in mind nature’s rhythms and the need for recuperation at the time of year when days are shortest. Around a ‘campfire’, Caleb will share a selection of…

Wednesday 13 December 1830 - 1930

Dawn to Dusk nature writing weekend with writer-in-residence William Henry Searle

 “On the role of love in our connections to the natural world.”   Bookended by the sunset and sunrise, writer-in-residence William Henry Searle will guide participants on a reflective weekend workshop, foregrounding the role of personal emotion and love in our nature writing practice.   Over a series of walks, personal time to write and guided workshops…

Saturday 11 November 1500 - Sunday 12 November 1600
Writer event

Quay Words presents

Black Ops and Beaver Bombing with Fiona Mathews and Tim Kendall

From seals’ frisky behaviour to red squirrels making their last stand in the battle against the greys, here are the mammals of Britain as you’ve never seen them before. Wild boar that don’t exist – at least officially. Eccentric hedgehog behaviour. Mines inhabited by greater horseshoe bats (along with cavers, ravers and teenagers smoking unusual…

Wednesday 8 November 18:30 - 19:30

Introduction to Nature Writing with Writer-in-residence William Henry Searle

Quayside Walk and Creative Writing Workshop  Join writer-in-residence William Henry Searle for an introductory nature writing workshop. The workshop will start with an accessible walk around the quayside to gather inspiration followed by a workshop at Exeter Custom House.   This workshop is perfect for beginners to the form or for people who are looking to…

Sunday 15 October 1400 - 1600
Writer event

Quay Words presents A.K. Blakemore

The Glutton

We’re pleased to welcome A.K. Blakemore to the Custom House to celebrate the launch of her new book The Glutton, with reading and Q&A. Sister Perpetue is not to move. She is not to fall asleep. She is to sit, keeping guard over the patient’s room. She has heard the stories of his hunger, which…

Wednesday 11 October 1830 - 1930
Free Event

Quay Words presents

The People of the West Quarter: The Working Class histories of the Quay

“When we looked out our bedroom window, there was Pearce rag stores, with all the rabbit skins hanging in the window.  If I had a stick I could have poked them!” The People of the Quarter lived cheek by jowl with the industries of the river and Quay. JoJo Spinks dives into their testimony in…

Wednesday 13 September 18:30 - 1930
Free Event

Commotion on the Ocean – storytelling from Clive PiG

Get ready for Commotion on the Ocean! Stories from the seven seas to be taken with a pinch of salt told by Globetrotting Storyteller Clive PiG. Clive will be telling tales over three slots, the event is free, and no booking is needed, just turn up! This free event is part of a season of…

Wednesday 26 July 11:00 - 11:50, 12:00-12.50, 13:00-13:50
Workshops and courses

Tanka Poems and Paper Boats workshop

A creative family workshop of paperfolding and poetry at the Quay Come and explore impressions, ideas, hopes and dreams for our beautiful river and canal. What can you see, hear, touch, smell, taste? How does it make you feel to sit by the water and spend time with family and friends? Discover who else lived,…

Wednesday 26 July 2.30pm - 5pm
Free Event

The Sweetshop of Words

An interactive performance/installation piece created by Sally Crabtree This counter of conceptual confectionary will offer each member of the public a small gold coin which you can spend on just one thing. The Sweetshop of Words explores the notion of choice in our lives. “Choose well. Your choice is brief, and yet endless” as Goethe…

Saturday 22 July 11:00 - 17:00
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