Say the Magic Word by Harry G

Say the Magic Word by Harry G

Say the Magic Word

‘Pick a card, any card,’ the Magician said to the King.

People had come from far and wide to see this special performance by The Ace of Spades, because it was going to be his last. Even the King had made the journey from his castle.

The King’s hand hovered over the fan of cards as he tried to make up his mind. But it didn’t matter because the Magician already knew which one he was going to pick. It was all part of his trick.

The King was taking more care with this decision than he had when he’d decided to put the Magician’s brother, The Joker, in prison. That had taken him no time at all.

Finally, the King had made his mind up, and he reached for a card in the middle. But then his hand froze, and then slowly moved to a different one.
‘Look at it,’ the Magician said, ‘but don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret.’

The King looked down at the card in his hand.
He smiled, proudly. He had the king of diamonds.He thought o the priceless diamond embedded in his crown.
‘Now put it back,’ said the Magician.
The King did as he was told, even though he didn’t like being given orders by people beneath him.

The Magician shuffled the cards, and then held his hand above them. He muttered the secret words that only he and his brother knew, the words they had learnt that day in the forest.

‘Say the magic words and you will see a different person you could be. Métamorphe!’
He pulled out a card and showed it to the King.
‘Is this your card?’ he asked, holding up the ace of spades.
The King laughed and shook his head. ‘You have got it wrong, you fool!’
The Magician smiled. ‘Oh, really?’ he said in a sly voice.

A look of confusion passed over the King’s face, as he realised he was now looking at himself.
‘The show is over!’ yelled the King, ‘Take the
Magician away.’
The Magician yelled in protest. ‘You’ve got the wrong man! He has played a trick!’ But no one would listen to him.

That night, the King went to the prison where they were keeping The Joker. ‘Release him!’ he ordered the guards.
The Joker was confused as he stepped out of his cell. ‘What is happening?’
The King smiled. ‘Say the magic words and you will see…
‘…a different person you could be,’ finished his brother, grinning.
‘Métamorphe!’ They shouted together, before disappearing, leaving only their shadows behind them.