Monday 24 August 12:00 pm - Friday 28 August 4:00 pm

This is a FREE opportunity for 12 young writers aged 14-18 to work online with zine maker Laura Moseley, collaborating via two Zoom workshops on Monday 24th August and another on Friday 28th August.

All you need to do to prepare is come up with five ideas that relate to the theme of nature. These can be words, concepts or themes. Why not take some photos of things you notice in your garden or whilst you’re out walking? Or think about how nature inspires you. Over the week, you will develop one of these concepts into your very own zine!

At the first workshop, Laura Moseley will introduce you to zines and what they are, before showing you how to make your own using a simple template, which will be posted to you ahead of time. You will learn how to create your own zine and be provided with fun ideas and inspiration on how to do this.

Equipped with exciting ideas, knowledge and skills about zines, you will have four days to develop one of your ideas into your very own zine that features your own writing, this can be fiction or poetry, whatever you’d like! We will send you encouraging prompts, tips and ideas over the course of the week to support you with this stage.

We will reconvene for at the end of the week, where we conclude this creative journey by sharing our zine with each other.

*Please note: These workshops will take place online using Zoom.
Workshop 1 will take place on Monday 24th August from 12 – 1 pm.
Workshop 2 will take place on Friday 28th August from 2 – 4 pm.

Please make sure you are available at these times. You can create your content at any time during the week outside of these sessions.

Literature Works will be present throughout the workshops as observers. You will need access to a computer for these sessions. Literature Works will email Zoom links closer to the time.

By booking here you are reserving a place, which will be fully confirmed when you and your parent/carer have read and returned the child safeguarding online safety agreement which will be emailed to you now.  Many thanks.


About Laura Moseley
Laura Moseley is an art historian and zine-maker based in Norwich. In 2019, she founded ‘Made by Women’, a creative platform that creates zines about forgotten women artists and queer art history, designed to make art history more diverse, accessible and affordable. She won the Santander Business Competition at the University of York and her zines are stocked in the Tate Modern and the People’s History Museum, among others.