Wednesday 5 August 6;00 pm - 7;30 pm

Join us for an evening of readings that will solve one of the greatest mysteries in the history of Exeter Custom House….

Over the course of a week in July, nine talented writers were challenged to solve Exeter digital writer-in-residence Martyn Waites’ Locked Door Mystery’….

It is 1847 and Mr Jackson Whitburn, Wharfinger at Exeter Custom House has been found dead. The room is locked from the inside and there is no sign of the suspect. Who did it and how did they escape the locked room undetected?

This was the challenge the nine writers have been working on. Now they want to share their stories with you.

Martyn Waites will introduce the mystery and each writer will share their solution with you.

This is a must watch for fans of crime fiction!


Please note, this event will take place on Crowdcast. To attend, please register for your seat via the link by clicking ‘Book now’. You will then be able to join the event on the evening.